Frequently Asked Questions

General queries:

What is an Armsprime wallet?

It is a virtual wallet where you keep your Armsprime Coins to purchase content and directly engage with the celebrities and influencers on their apps.

How do I recharge my Armsprime wallet?

You can recharge your Armsprime wallet through in-app purchase or you could use this link (recommended) to buy directly from the web.

How do I contact the Armsprime team?

You can contact us from the help & support section in the app or send us a mail at

Signup and Account related

What are the benefits of logging in?

- Get access to some of the hottest and exclusive Images & videos

- Watch celebrities/influencers go LIVE and interact with them on a personal level

- Book one-on-one video call or chat with your favourite celebrity

- Register & check out our unique features

- Register right now and get a signing-up bonus

- Get access to some of the hottest and exclusive Images & videos

My Login is not working. What should I do?

Please contact us with a description of the problem you are facing at

How to deactivate my account?

You can deactivate your account by going into the settings section in the app.

Coins and content related

What is the price of 1 coin?

1 Coin is approx Rs 1.60 if you buy the lowest package (100 coin package). If you buy the highest package price of coin is approx Rs 1.00

Are these Armsprime coins refundable?

No, Armsprime coins are not refundable. However, you can use the coins on any of our apps.

What is the validity of the coins?

The validity of Armsprime free coins is 30 days and purchased coins is 180 days

How can I get free coins?

You will get free coins when you sign up for the first time, when you refer the app to a friend & also by joining in the contests or buying packages on the recharge site.

I am unable to unlock my content. What should I do?

You could be running out of coins, please use this link to recharge your wallet It could be a technical problem. Please contact us at

Can I download images/videos within the app?

No, you cannot download images/videos in the app.

Payment related

Coins are not credited to my account. What should I do?

Please contact us and state the nature of your problem at

Do you accept International credit cards?

Yes, we accept international credit cards. Please use this link to recharge

How long does it take for coins to get reflected in the account?

The coins get credited in almost real time after the success of the order placement.

Celeb related

For any queries related to celebrity please contact


For all other queries please contact

FAQs - Celebyte (Video Message) for Fans

What is Celebyte?

Celebyte is a platform where artists send personalized video messages, do one-on-one video calls, selfies, Direct messages and pre-owned merchandise to their fans.

What occasions can I use Celebyte for?

It could be a birthday or an anniversary or any event when you want a special message from an artist. You could also request for a commercial occasion but pricing will be different for a commercial request.

How do I contact the Celebyte team?

Please contact us at

How long does it take to get me a celebyte from a Celeb?

Sometimes Celebs respond within 24 hours. But usually takes about 1-4 working days for a Celeb to respond.

Can I download my celebyte and share it with my friends?

Yes, we can download the Celebyte & share it. You will get a downloadable button when you receive the Celebyte. Please read the Terms and Conditions for more details

Will I be notified once a new celeb joins the platform?

Yes, we try to keep our users as updated as possible. You will receive a list of Celebs on the email.

How much does it cost for a Celebyte?

It depends on the Celeb.

Can I make changes once my celebyte is placed?

Yes, there is an edit option for when you want to edit the message.

What is the guarantee that I will get my requested Celebyte from the artist?

Once the artist has accepted your request, the artist has committed to send the requested Celebyte to you. But artists have the right to modify your request based on their comfort level.

How will I receive the Celebyte?

You will receive your Celebyte on your provided email Id/ Phone number.

Can I use my Celebyte for promotional/commercial purposes?

Yes for all commercial messages, as long it’s not against our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy.

How do I get celebyte for Brands or book celebrities for brand events?

You have to request under the Celbyte brand section

Why is the watermark present on my Celebyte?

It is there to stop the misuse of the Celebyte given to our customers.

If my request gets rejected then am I eligible for refunds? Under what circumstances am I eligible for refunds?

If your request is flagged under profanity & rejected then you won’t get a refund. In any other cases of rejection, you will get a refund.

FAQs - Direct Line

What is Direct Line?

Direct Line is a feature where you can chat and interact with celeb.

How does Direct Line work?

Write your message and pay coins to send your message

Come back next time to see the DL from celeb and you will be notified once the celebrity replies.

Why is it pay per message under Direct Line? Is there a guarantee that i will get a reply from a celebrity?

NO. But once the celebrity accepts the request you will get a notification.

FAQs - Video call with Celebrity

How does it work?

Choose a celeb on app/website and pay to block a video call with a celebrity.

What will be the duration of the video call?

You can select the duration of the video call from 5 Mins to 60 mins. It is upto the celebrity to extend the call.

Is there a guarantee that i will get a reply from a celebrity ?

Yes, our team will ensure that you will get a video call with your celebrity. If we are unable to do so that we would refund the entire amount.

Can I ask any personal questions with celebrities?

This is totally up to the celebrity to answer. We would recommend not to get too personal with the celebrity and respect their personal space.

How long does a celeb take to confirm?

Celeb generally takes 4/7 days to confirm the call. If the confirmation doesn’t happen in 10 days then we refund the entire amount to you.

Meet & Greet with Celebrity

How does it work ?

Go to the video call section on the app, click on the duration and select 120 mins to book a real meeting with celeb.

What will be the duration of the meeting ?

The meeting will be 60 - 90 mins depending on the celebrity

Where will the meeting take place?

It will be done in a public place like a coffee shop(the fan has to come to Mumbai)

Is there a guarantee that I will meet a celebrity ?

Yes, our team will ensure that you will get a meeting with celebrities. If we are unable to do so that we would refund the entire amount.